Diamond Teams™ Organizational Structure

Originally created as a strategy to better train entry level advisors, Diamond Teams™ are a revolutionary way to organize independent advisory firms. Rather than the traditional pyramid structure with the firm owner(s) at the top, and increasingly larger layers below of senior advisors, lead advisors, and associate advisors at the bottom, picture a baseball diamond: at the top, on second base is a senior advisor (usually the firm owner or partner), on first and third bases are lead advisors, who work directly with clients; and at the bottom on home plate is an associate advisor.
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Diamond Teams™ Organizational Structure

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    Learn how to attract the best advisory firm talent to increase capacity and efficiency, to keep your firm growing.

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    Develop clear career paths and create compensation structures to enhance your firm's growth.

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    Get specific questions answered by Angie Herbers about the Diamond Teams™ growth approach.

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